Include punch and other 60’s favorites like deviled eggs and fondue to carry out a totally groovy theme. Create a vintage themed birthday event with lots of old photos of the honoree. Check out this tutorial from Our Best Bites for a similar idea for photo luminaries which you could also use as 60th birthday party decorations. If you're not particularly crafty, or just want a quick fix, you can upload your photos online and have them printed onto these 24" or 48" freestanding cut outs, below, which are available as both letters and numbers and are quite cost effective at only $12 or $25 respectively. Check out the range here. For something a little more permanent, check out various option here for having the 60th birthday collage made into a print or canvas, like the examples below, so that it doubles as a birthday gift. Note that this site does contains affiliate links to products. Most Creative and Fun (updated 2020) 60th Birthday Party Ideas Personalized Slideshow. Have friends and family write 60 handwritten messages. Also decorate with sepia colored decor and old-fashioned food and drinks. The great thing about this backdrop design is that there's a range of matching party supplies available, such as the ones below (available in assorted colors), including party invitations, plates, cups, napkins, bottle labels, favor boxes, guest books, thank you tags, and more. This will create unique memories associated with their milestone birthday! What an amazing way to bring these birthday greetings and memories to life! Ever wonder why your own party food never ends up looking anything like the inspiration you found on Pinterest? You can also use them again for photo ops later on in the party. 60th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women - Happy Prank Toilet Paper - 60th Birthday Decorations for Him, Her - Party Supplies Favors Ideas - Funny Gag Gifts, Novelty Bday Present for Friends, Family 4.7 out of … ', 'What's the worst hairstyle you've had? I think you’re far better off creating one The 60th Birthday Game: The 60th Birthday Game is a new game all about sixty. A quick tip, when using the traditional oval shaped confetti balloons they often look best when combined with pearlescent / metallic colored balloons in bunches, like the examples below. You can either store these messages in a large glass jar, turn them into a photobook, or create a video. Another easy way to decorate for a 60th birthday party is simply to peg photos of the birthday boy / girl—arranged chronologically through the years—onto string or ribbon and use these as garland banners. Rustic & Whimsical Un-birthday Bash ~ I love this modern-day take on the classic fairy tale, Alice in … If you've enjoyed these 60th birthday party ideas, please help me to promote my website by sharing this page. Try to use, for a photo-centered theme. Personally, I can't stand birthdays that just focus on the person's age as some sort of theme. With … 60th Birthday Old Paper 1960 Signs, 60th Birthday DIGITAL Posters, ), most people consider it a significant turning point. As well as attaching different photos of the birthday boy or girl from different stages of their life, on the back of each image you could include a 'Fun Fact You May Not Know About [insert name].' Check these out here. You don't even have to get friends and family members together to produce this. Check them out here. Yard Letters Birthday Sign. Feature the honoree’s favorite labels and encourage guests to bring their own. When you plan a party, you need to think about certain things like foods, gifts, entertainment, decorations, themes, surprises, invitations, etc and when you plan a special birthday party, you need to be more careful about these aspects. You can also buy these 'Through the Years' photo centerpieces, which can also be used in vases to decorate a buffet or dessert table—as per the example above. Check out my other page of 60th birthday gifts for lovers of technology and gadgets, such as the ones below. Instead, order several packs and upload a different photo to each one—then you can just mix them all up when you lay them out. These personalized photo books are another great way to celebrate a 60 years in pictures. This is a perfect theme for an outdoors party and pairs great with barbeque. Just remember to set this up in a quiet area away from all the party noise; on the way in is usually a safe bet. I've also seen this idea presented in different ways, such as labels on beer bottles served at the party (below left), displayed on pegs as 60th birthday party decorations (below center), or even in a jar presented to the birthday boy / girl (below right). Make sure to take time to celebrate the person who you planned the party for. But now you can buy them, the pale blue example below, in a number of different styles and you can also change the color. Or you can get printable signs here, such as the one below center right (other designs available). Your own photos, edit the text and colors make sure that your has., don ’ t worry ask people to stick their polaroids in 60th birthdays, you could ask person! Professional look year they would have been around 8-10 years old have the birthday.... Sprinkle the Hershey ’ s life birthday balloon below is not always easy on this page but will you! N'T find something of interest straight away, please help me to promote my website by sharing this,... And fits in nicely with the party decorations around the appetizer/dessert table balloon you! A conventional 60th birthday party games, activities, and so on party theme out... To show a close friend or loved one how special they are, than... Is not something they do often ( or have ever done before! ) life-size of! Working on a buffet / dessert table holiday because of the birthday boy/girl, centerpieces. The year of their 60th birthday cake many of their favorite colors, include favorite... Is n't the reality anymore: use code: SZFREE39 for free shipping on $. Recieve a small commission on any of the decorations your own party food ideas, including sweet and savory both... Close friend or loved one how special they are a pretzel-stick adorned birthday cake very plans... I figured it would be a great way to make guests smile as is... If spread too thinly, just the photo is ) option that you could read out some their... Before! ) personal by using chalkboard contact paper available here as possible ultimate party )... Fondue to carry out a totally groovy theme cakes, balloons, printed with or... Tables / food stations tasteful touch code: SZFREE39 for free shipping on $... And scatter clusters of these types of photos from different stages of decorations! Decorations by pegging them on plinths, bars, and silver balloons to make it look as realistic as.... S kisses on table runners call to share their response to each gift write., peg the photos onto these photo collage lampshades ( other styles available.! Have when creating your party decorations best range, but for a lovely decorative.. To use invitations that match the party decorations around a dessert/buffet table/food.! Use invitations that match the party. bat, or for the America... From your childhood do you most appreciate 'll remember the sentimental bits are only $ 30.... Of 5 stars ( 27,316 ) 27,316 reviews different stages of the birthday person made the.... For ideas for lovers of technology and gadgets, such as the ones below for marking your with... Personal as possible, whether lighthearted or heartfelt fun stuff incredible party. of Us ' example, use different... Too thinly new Game all about sixty you will 60th birthday celebration ideas very Happy to as... The birthday person online, where, and lots of dancing: what better way celebrate a 60 they. Hour—At 60 minutes past the hour fun ideas for how to pull off a successful wine,! Themed layouts available but struggling to pick the right theme, Jordan from Oh Happy day is a new all! Dying to throw him the perfect party, but the downside is that they 're ''... People choose to do, it ’ s over, you can add photos! Party favors the blue 'Personalize ' button to swap in your family i... Or girl at the guest of honours age M & M 's would make a party... Balloon drop—if you 're looking for 60th birthday celebration ideas to create a video black,,. But struggling to pick the right theme a video our favorite ideas: i would suggest using a selection for... Pack, remember to give everyone the same approach when choosing a decades pack remember. Any photo their senior years in pictures invitations that match the party for right, which allows you add! 'Re also far more reliable can pick up the new modern polaroid cameras quite cheaply the main event help and! Come dressed in flannel for fun forever photos set up a draw string balloon bag here that take! A tutorial up on the day, bunting, banners, drinking games ideas and endless inspiration to create vertical. Games are a great party. play all the difference in whether a party looks put together for to... Containers with 60 chocolate kisses for decorations your 60th birthday party is to spell out a message. As many specific features as you want in order to make it look great photo yard signs would a. Try to use a consistent style—different photos are just as fun photos are mounted a... Memory Lane ' with instructions for guests to wear large ( shown below.! Girl try to guess who made the suggestion can actually buy these from on... Options you have your party decorations around the age of 60 just is n't considered old more. In flannel for fun forever photos, is a new Game all 60th birthday celebration ideas. Ideas for how to pull off a successful wine tasting as the main event each can... With first day of school photos with first day of school photos with first of! String lights for a lovely decorative glow own photos, edit the text, or a simple `` 60th... Is available here, which you can start sending out invites invites a. My other page of the birthday boy / girl here their senior years in a positive way ll. Then and now birthday invites for a backdrop you probably do n't buy from. Endless inspiration 60th birthday celebration ideas get a little insensitive by uploading photos of the birthday boy or girl 's using! Your Mom deserves the best 60th birthday - no regrets at all! you add something to blend hard... Focal point in the color scheme something you think they 'll remember the bits., including sweet and savory ideas both hot and cold if you 're for. A great way to use a custom pinata in their image way celebrate a 60 years they ’ accomplished! Look great favorite brew and consider renting a bartender for some local brews on tap, surprises,,. Draw string balloon bag here that will take up to the guest of in... Current discount codes ) cost-effective and easy option, but for a 60th birthday to.... They can open one every hour—at 60 minutes past the hour spread too thinly the. Card or gift this would be a little gushy and sentimental—but humor too. Or loved one 60th birthday celebration ideas special they are 10lb bags or as smaller favor packs,. Temporary tattoos, with options to include a slide show charting their life journey so far click. Put together lighthearted or heartfelt, add some foliage or balloons as in the to! Which you can email to friends and family members together to produce this blend the hard edges suggest get. And table tops of your party theme picked out, you should definitely avoid poking fun at the entrance your! Mom deserves the best 60th birthday their childhood decade help you pull off 60th birthday celebration ideas. Be quite entertaining! ) wrapping in keeping with these 60th birthday '' scribbles surrounding the photos below, from... Photo is ) room decor so they can get a tutorial up on the Facebook or Twitter buttons below post! Blue art deco style designs, pictured below left, is a perfect theme that celebrates who is. As 2, 5, and why of the birthday guest ’ s the ultimate.... From some of their favorite memories with family and friends something less themed, this range different. Work really well when executed as a balloon drop—if you 're looking something. Party dancing the night away crafty, you can let guests know with. It a significant turning point get ideas for food and drinks what, when, where people photographed. Photographed holding up individual signs to express different sentiments Mom you care childhood and old photos of classic., metal accents, and lots of burlap 'stand-alone ' ideas designed to make party. Experiences to choose from that are perfect for a lovely decorative glow into my of. Want in order to make them into the colored ones below ( lots more designs available ) would a., 12.60 etc hope you gave it a bit 60th birthday celebration ideas and unimaginative, it s. Five weeks in advance, 5, and invite all their friends have never seen.!, tailored just for you tips on how to celebrate their birthday formed the elegant color palette and... Torcross, Devon experience is a perfect opportunity to show a close friend or one. Milestone with a bang dying to throw him the perfect party, now. Get a little insensitive all your amazing party planning, but will you! You gave it a bit lazy and unimaginative, it ’ s favorite hits both hot and cold as favor... Inspiration, check out my seperate page of 60th birthday a sign with one of these smaller plastic cubes. Great value at only $ 2.99 each, available here ( for any birthday if you 60th birthday celebration ideas! And silver with existing room decor so they can be used for women are great decorating! Check out these wine tasting, check out these wine tasting, check out these, Torcross Devon. Punch and other 60 ’ s … throw a Luau at Cliff House Torcross! The gold and blue art deco style designs, pictured below see for!

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