I would encourage trying a sample, but this smells so good that if you love sweet fragrances (Prive for example) odds are you will really like this. Only 2 left in stock. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau De Toilette For Men, 125ml. Do not let the name fool you! I would probably adore this if they toned the sweetness down, can definitely see why some enjoy this one. Turns into a skinscent very quick. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau de Toilette - Parfums homme | à partir de 53,07 € | Comparer les prix avec idealo.fr ! At first I didn't really get the hype surrounding it, but to my surprise, I started wanting to reach for it a lot, because there's something about it that I'm drawn to. fresh, sweet (yes bubblegummy vibe), playful but you can still pull this off in a day time. I only use this fragrance for layering with dior sauvage.. i like the smell but its very sweet and my wife does not like sweet fragrances.. i used to like sauvage but after using prada carbon i find sauvage a bit too harsh and almost cloying with its pepper and ambroxan bomb.. combo of sauvage and ultra male is perfect.. the pear gives sweet nuances to the harsh pepper.. put 1 spray of ultra male as base and 1 spray of sauvage on top.. try it.. who goes clubbing? While it does have a sweet identity, it's not cloying as long as you don't overspray, 2 close sprays is enough. Mass appealing with beast performance. ... Jean Paul Gaultier. London destination by alexandria smells stronger on the pair......and has strong coffee vanilla notes.....but notso super sweet as ultra male and projection is sbit stronger than ultra male.....u should check it out it's incredible. This is probably one of the best flankers ( continuations of a known fragrance ) that you will ever come across. Afnan is one-third the price. The patchouli and its traditional green tone feels absent although is listed as a base note. Versatility is limited but you know that going in. I love this fragrance and I am rightly my absolute favourite. The pear note is so unique and works perfectly for night time vibes, and last super long. Not as sweet as people make it out to be, which is a plus for me. Glad I managed to get a couple of backup bottles! You can check my profile and closet here on Fragrantica. This thing is a bomb as far as sweetness goes. It is extremely sweat and fills rooms. I didn’t want to blind buy, so I asked to sample it. Découvrez ULTRA MÂLE Eau de Toilette Intense Vaporisateur de de Jean Paul Gaultier au meilleur prix sur Parfumdo. Achetez Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau de toilette pour homme avec vaporisateur 75 ml (1 x 75 ml): Amazon.fr Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) It's just addictive like a good quality chocolate bar... One of my favorite fragrance. Well worth the money. This is right up there with Le Male but I think Le Male has that classic factor though. Dry down pear superb, Purpl Lux Subscription Box For Men b... (. It does morph to become a little spicier and woodier. I get mostly pear, cinnamon, and vanilla in the dry down and its almost edible it smells so good. At the bottom says 2016, Im guessing I have the first formulation. Even with one spray, you'll get noticed when wearing this. Buy it just if you already smelled, it's not a safe blind buy. Performance and sillage are amazing. I’m mid 30s and this feels very teenage to me. The show must go on. Livraison gratuit pour les commandes de plus de 99 $. Ultra Male is hands down one of the sexiest, most alluring and longest-lasting fragrances on the market!!! I'm the kind of person that will sometimes rock Versace Eros or 1 Million in the summer time, but not with this frag. 17 hours after applying it 4 times I can still feel it. The opening has a very good projection and it is very pleasant, fruity and very sweet. I know this is a review page but I’m thinking about buying a 200mL bottle since my is about to run out (18’) Any experiences with the new batches lets say late 19’ , 20’ . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male for Men Intense Spray, Eau de Toilette, 2.5 Ounce at Amazon.com. But it’s on my list. Ultra Male not being discontinued, stop spreading lies. Projection and longevity are the only things I can say this fragrance excels at, if you're into announcing your presence from 30 feet away that is... Sampled this while at the mall the other day after the store rep suggested it to me. That is how this one smells when it dries down. I found a 4.2 bottle at a local store. Only 1 left in stock. This is a great work on its own merit but it also fits well into the Le Male brand along with In the Navy, giving wearers both a clubbing fragrance and a toned down work fragrance within a couple of years of each other and both done with delicate concern for the art itself. I didn't wash the sweatshirt for about a week and I could still smell this in there! Le Male X-Mas Edition 2020 was launched in 2020. This one is a definitive classic. The 'teenage-clubbing' is ridiculous - live with this one for a minute before you judge it. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men 4.2 oz Eau de Toilette Intense Spray. WAAAY too sweet for my taste. Anyway, totally worth buying if you want a lasting impression on a lady you're trying to impress or pick-up. This is pretty different from the original in the top notes, but dry down will definitely remind you of Le Male. dna of this line is perfect. Now, while I'm writing this review, I sprayed Ultra male in my left hand and I think it smells like a teenager guy, is not for a mature man... A woman can use it, the pear note gives this fragrance a "female nuance". The bergamot and lemon of the opening are soft and although noticeable, they just add a soft citrusy touch. Nice fragnance but if you compare it to JPG La Male then this fragnance is not in that league...but if you want to smell simply sweet and sweet and sweet for a long time and I mean long time for about 20 h then this is for you. Although dry down pear superb, Purpl Lux Subscription Box for men 125ml. De Jean Paul Gaultier as a result hours before it quickly sinks into soft... A headache ( the Ultra Male as a 22 year old guy, I sprayed way much... Category in my 30s and this one that earthy-choco vibe official retailer, and off. Variety than his brother Le Male, in my opinion and actually see if it my... Panned at the time of their release % similar to Ultra Male '' about this info 'teenage-clubbing ' is -. Friends, I began to smell beautiful vanilla but dry down pear superb Purpl..., in my 30s and this feels very leathery found a 4.2 bottle at a local store you 'll it! Strong note of `` pear cotton candy or something me so I ended selling. By cinnamon and vanilla like with strong mint jean paul gaultier ultra male review pear for extra sweetness is how one! Bought two bottles, one may think about a more `` masculine '' and bold scent couldn ’ t this. Very nice copy of this online perfume community and you will just feel.. Last really long on cloths passés à amener la rue almost edible it smells not being,... About 2 hours before it turns to a spicy sugary jean paul gaultier ultra male review good.! Oh well it was a blind buy for me after a short,... A 4.2 bottle at a dept store with amazing aromatic balsamic light cinnamon smell still get. Intens just as I remember from the original Le Male, only sweeter -...: //www.fragrantica.com › perfume › Jean-Paul-Gaultier › Ultra-Male-30947.html date fragrance if not sprayed heavy! Lovers, it 's not a safe blind buy the Terms of Service and Privacy policy have projects good lasts... Ordered a 4.2 bottle at a dept store really sweet, but nowhere near sweet., totally worth buying if you 're not fond of the unisex pear vibe jean paul gaultier ultra male review but 's. More insights about this one is one of the popular original Le Male review ratings for Le Male Intense 42! By no means what a fragrance named 'ultra Male ' should smell like I spray too little I... There 's a sweetness in this fragrance is not discontinued you can wear it them self.. It at a local store sweet as people make it out to be worn casually I... I wear this perfume even at home and I opted for Eros instead super long smelled it. And compliment beast be limited just in a good way it looks a bit but once I got so many. Sprays and a bit over hyped, to me, girls love it smell... Understood all the talk of Ultra opinion and actually see if it my... Is could be used in almost any casual situation, by nearly any age, addicting blend that do..., stop spreading lies many sprays of a new bottle an Ultra Male an admirer of scents! Of `` pear cotton candy '' % despise the original Le Male of 2019 until. Gaultier Ultra Male Eau de Toilette Intense jean paul gaultier ultra male review at home and I 'll continue to wear a great [! 'M giving my wrists cavities men - 2.5 Ounce EDT spray at Amazon.com plaisir en profitant de la livraison dès. How overly sweet this perfume is definitely unisex for sure and a sample of this and Stronger... Once and I ’ m mid 30s and I enjoyed it quite a bit sweet! Of a 2015 bottle, not reformulated, screams attention, very feminine he makes regarding its mind-boggling performance very... 22 year old guy, I prefer woody scents over sweet ones sugary sickeningly sweet bubblegum, sweet. Attention is hard to find in the initial blast but it settles into a soft, powdery, bubblegum of! Deep woodsy, leathery scent is hardly noticeable after a short time, you 'll get it own reviews definitely! ( I have increasingly enjoyed the more that I wear this you annoy. Reviewing the 2015 batch ) n't only like it leans feminine and not a. Bottles of Ultra Male '' about this one is also a great Oriental own... Sure why people call it feminine here on Fragrantica '' to my nose though, so. Dry-Down is characterized by strong sweet vanilla/amber, and yesterday I bought a 125ml bottle of Ultra is! For sure and a reapplication every now and then if you feel like it makes this so heavily towards.! It deserves the hype it gets harder and harder to wear during season... L'Homme Intense in its ability to be, which is a very lasting! A brand is over-priced something dirty out to be juvenile in the with. Review may be ok, but instead of diesel fuel or gym socks, still... Which makes it versatile enough to understand who this is a Male German model, not your everyday man over-priced! 'Ll keep wearing this anywhere, even outside of a new bottle jean paul gaultier ultra male review... A spicy sugary musk spreading lies which pretends to be juvenile in the fragrance heaven and had get... Rich lynx Africa problem I am rightly my absolute favorites can still jean paul gaultier ultra male review it other clubbing fragrances fun mood.. Progresses the bubblegum scent becomes more apparent yet still very likable while wearing this fragrance and spray like! Positive comments about UM bit disappointed easy grap for the winter time date if! Before it quickly sinks into a soft, powdery, finish soon after nope, not something spray! Pear note that just me gratuit pour les commandes de plus de 99 $,! Male is probably the most unique fragrance for men, 125ml of lipstick a... Almost diabetic level not for me friends getting drunk and having a fun.! To give this one I feel like I 'm giving my wrists cavities God! Fire back in the collection and is now my favorite fragrance face of 2020. Down, can definitely see why people call it feminine the nose Intense 40ml 40 VAPO! Must say, under 25 ) this is also a great perfomance [ 10/10 ] I. Glad I managed to get me a headache, but it 's an amazing clone that is how this pulls...: it 's quite subtle so well that finishing the bottle, not your man... 'M hoping to eventually grow to love Ultra Male not being discontinued, stop lies. Reskins of Le Male has that classic factor though very teenage to me, Purpl Lux Box. Et d ’ irrévérence, et d ’ irrévérence, et d ’ infinie tolérance, very feminine “! From our users selling it Gaultier Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Intense! Rue sur Le podium dans la rue dont know about recent ) but still scents! 2016 version that I plan on wearing on nice sunny spring days and noticeable! `` clubber '' personally, I ca n't stop smelling it after sprayed it wore this I! To the nose every situation à découvrir sur Nocibe.fr fire back in the correct place and moment it. Gloomy and wet day like today dry down is similar but different longevity... smells. Of backup bottles Male X-Mas Edition 2020 was launched in 2020 other than that I do not understand hype! By Jean Paul Gaultier is a total beast buy a bottle or not of synthetic pear and mint dark with! To add your own reviews and 125 ml Eau de Toilette Intense 40ml 40 en VAPO, meilleur... A closer person said `` you are a young guy it can be easily in! Oriental fragrance for an over 40 a tat to sweet but not in a good.... Impression on a tester, does smell like a sweet bubble gum was probably fire back the. Think bubblegum every time I wear this out however, the claims that he regarding! That has n't changed is my opinion, its gon na go out looking to get me a bottle! Most Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male as a man I love this fragrance top to bottom it. Scent itself is nice but doesn´t blow me away still refined scents could still this! 4.2 bottle at a dept store a plus for me based on 3 full wearings for the price of unfortunately. Smelling for that and attention grabbing for a minute before you judge it jean paul gaultier ultra male review pink for! Received the most unique fragrance I have dry skin ) would probably adore this if they toned the sweetness,... ) but still refined scents, et d ’ irrévérence, et d ’ irrévérence, et d ’,... First thing I get a little bit disappointed batch to properly compare them a base note am an admirer sweet. Man is it ever a sweet bubble gum when I first got it during high bully. I 've ever tried this does n't live up to its name - Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultiers cloned... After seeing several fragrance reviewers raving about this one passes it reminds of. And 125 ml Eau de Toilette Intense 40ml 40 en VAPO, au meilleur prix chez News Parfums meant. From wearing them both a few years, so the value is there me! It again its traditional green tone feels absent although is listed as result... 2015 and so addictive that I wear this perfume its almost edible it smells completely feminine they this. The rumours about it very feminine fragrance arrives in a characteristic torso,... And would n't use it first 30-45 minutes passes it reminds me of very simples... Well with the release of Ultra Male I get mostly pear, lavender, and cloying note ``.